• Philip Traill

    Professional Photographer covering Corporate & Commercial, Architectural, Product & Food photography in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and London

    Philip Traill

    Professional Photographer covering Corporate & Commercial, Architectural, Product & Food photography in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and London

    Philip Traill

    Professional Photographer covering Corporate & Commercial, Architectural, Product & Food photography in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and London

  • PHILIP TRAILL - Photographer

    Professional Photographer

    covering Corporate & Commercial, Architectural and Product photography in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and London

    Corporate & Commercial Photography

    Portraying who you and your employees are, as well as what you and your staff do, is I feel best captured in insightful photographic images. These images can form the structure for a corporate brochure or press releases as well as internal PR. I have worked with major corporations telling their customers the company and product journey from end-to-end through a series of photographic images. See Surrey Creation Project as an example of my recent work that is appearing from June 2015 – June 2016 in Surrey Life Magazine

    Product Photography

    Do you want your products to really stand out? Great product photography creates an immediate visual impact and differentiates you from your competitors.


    Allow me to make your photographs an integral part of your marketing toolbox. I will produce creative, high quality and inspiring images which bring your products to life and allow them to leap off the printed advertising or editorial page and any of the digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). All my photography is compatible with your website and mobile devices including laptops, phones and tablets.

    Packshot Photography

    If you sell online your website is the most critical part of your business. It is your ‘shop front’ asking people to buy from you without being able to touch, try on, taste or smell items! Packshots of your products must therefore be a true reflection of what the customer is buying and show your products in their very best light. I specialise in packshot photography and have produced images of new fashion lines, shoes, men’s skin and haircare products, jewellery, ceramics right through to bottled water, vegetable juices and ketchup.

    Lifestyle Photography

    You are designing a brochure, creating your website, photographing all of your individual products – but have you thought about photographing your brand and products in a real life scenario? Life style images are a vital part of the marketing mix and serve as a great opening image to any website. Customers like to see your products in realistic situations. That means photographing for example - your boots worn by models on a muddy walk, your sofa in an inspirational home, your food on the table being enjoyed and your clothes being worn. Allow me, Philip Traill to create the right image and photograph your brand to tell the whole story.


    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio work

    Surrey Ceramics

    "Perfection can only be prepared to order"

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Common format for over 400 products so clients can understand the shape of products and define the finish.


    Website: www.surreyceramics.com

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio work

    Men Rock

    "for men who can make their own decisions"

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Photography of individual and boxed products at launch. Pictures being used across the retail websites.


    Website: www.menrock.co.uk

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio Photography

    Rowena Gilbert Contemporary Ceramics

    Ceramics design and hand made

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Capture the new designed providing a powerful view with the potential client to double look at the products


    Website: www.rowenagilbert.com

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio Photography


    Cold Pressed Juice

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Capture the new product for a start-up business, with clean reflections on the bottles.


    Website: www.mojudrinks.com

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio work


    Serve great tasting water from stylish dispensers in elegant reusable bottles

    Studio and Life Style work


    Image requirements: Develop the new products that fits into the current work both for the web and marketing material.


    Website: www.eceaultd.co.uk

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio work

    Arnold's Organic Condiments

    Home of Quality, Traceability & Flavour. Pride in Real Ingredients

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Product images with pure white background giving wholesale and consumer's understanding of the differences in the ketchup products.


    Website: www.arnolds-condiments.com

    Traill Photography - Corporate & Studio work

    Damian Stevens Tailor

    Bespoke Made to Measure Suits, Shirts & Clothing

    Studio work


    Image requirements: Product pictures capturing the modern environment that the bespoke suites are made, differentiating from the competitive market.


  • Who am I ?

    Philip Traill

    Freelance Photographer

    Based near Guildford Surrey, Philip Traill Photography provides professional product, packshot, lifestyle and corporate photography. I am Philip Traill and I work with local Surrey based businesses, corporations and private individuals as well as nationally. Photoshoots are based in my own full service studio or on location depending on client requirements.


    "Philip’s skill is in making a product ‘sing’. He takes time to understand the brand behind the product and every time we see the quality and style of the results we are thoroughly delighted." - Paul Johnson, MD, MenRock - www.menrock.com 


    “I can highly recommend Philip for his thoroughness, friendliness & professionalism in every aspect!” - Simon Arnold, Owner, Arnolds Condiments - www.arnolds-condiments.com


    "Just to say thank you so much for taking such a great picture." Tom Sanders, Owner, Hawkmoth Leather Co. - www.hawkmothleather.co.uk

  • A photo journalist


    I started photography at school when I decided to photograph a bullet piercing a light bulb. At university in the USA, I then extended my degree to included work as a photojournalist, documenting sports to political events, including elections of president Bush & Reagan, the launching of the Space Shuttle and a visit by Pope John Paul II. 


    A simple apple


    Using 35mm negatives or digital; studio work is more difficult than ever to get that perfect image on colour and reflection, particularly that fork ! Do get more black boards than you think ...


    People, their Character and skills


    I have done more and more people pictures, trying to capture individuals or groups and locations were people do not normally take a image. 'Surrey Creations' was a personal project that I started, purswading Oliver Russell that this would have PR value to his business and sure enough it was published in Surrey Life Magazine, which has grown to Sussex Life and further work is planned.


    Yosemite National Park

    A place to go to for all photographers ....


    Travelling across the US, Yosemite National Park is a location you must go to. And thinking about Ansel Adams work, a great inspiration, I captured the Valley and Chapel - A must do for all photographers that you will never forget.





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