• Creation - A personal Project

    The photographic series came out of the desire to produce one image and tell the whole story of characters in their work environment. Capturing on camera the complete creation process showing their unique crafts and skills. From commercial products to art work, from concept to completion - end to end, all in Surrey and Sussex.

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  • Front cover in Surrey Life Magazine - A Fab Summer Days in grass cloud trees

    Surrey Life Magazine - July 2017 - Front Cover

    A Picnic in Surrey

    To highlight the June feature entitled "50 Fab Summer Days Out" and " Guildford Fringe Festival" the editor of Surrey Life Magazine asked me to produce a front cover photo which epitomised the beauty of Surrey!

    The Devils Punchbowl is on my doorstep so with the help of glamourous models aka neighbours, English sparkling wine, a quintessential picnic hamper, my camera & equipment and a quick off-road trip, in not 1 but 2 Land Rovers, we waited for a clear sunny weekend in Surrey!

    I'm very happy with the result. Hope you enjoy the view!

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